Ariane Gauvreau, Ph D, BCBA-D is the Field Director and a Teaching Associate in Special Education.  Ariane received her Ph D in Special Education from the University of Washington in 2015. She has worked as a special education preschool teacher, home visitor, Sibshop facilitator, and educational consultant. Her research interests involve sustainable interventions for young children with autism, the use of technology as an support for individuals with disabilities, teacher education for special educators, and effective practices in home visiting for families of young children with disabilities.

Ariane's research was profiled on the UW Homepage in 2015. 

Classes Taught:

EDSPE 532 A Tiered Approach to Inclusive Education 

EDSPE 520 Home, School, and Community

EDSPE 540 Fieldwork Seminar

EDSPE 414 Introduction to Early Childhood

EDSPE 564 Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and Other Special Needs

EDSPE 565 Approaches to Early Childhood Education

EDSPE 525 Autism and Social, Communication, and Behavioral Disorders

EDSPE 520 Evidence Based Home Visiting in Early Childhood 


Recent Publications 

Gauvreau, A., & Schwartz, I. (in press). How was your day in preschool? Using mobile technologies to teach accurate recall to young children with autism.

Gauvreau, A., & Schwartz, I. (in press). Promoting parent-child interactions though mobile technologies. 

Gauvreau, A., Sandall, S. (2017). Families as mentors: A model for preparing practitioners to engage in family centered practices. In Trivette, C. & Keilty, B. (Eds). DEC Recommended Practices Series No. 3 Family: Knowing Families, Tailoring Practices, Building Capacity.

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Gauvreau, A. (2017). Using "snack talk” to promote social communication in inclusive preschool classrooms. Young Exceptional Children, 20(4).

Sandall, S., Schwartz, I., & Gauvreau, A. (2016). Using Modifications and Accommodations to EnhanceLearning of Young Children with Disabilities: Little Changes That Yield Big Impacts. In Reichow, B., Boyd, B.A., Barton, E.A., & Odom, S.L. Editor (Eds). The Handbook of Early Childhood Education. Switzerland: Springer.

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Gauvreau, A., & Schwartz, I. (2013). Using Visual Supports to Increase the Appropriate Behavior of Young Children with Autism. Young Exceptional Child Monograph, 18.


Recent Presentations 

Gauvreau, A. (2017, October). Positive Behavior Supports in Early Childhood. Presented at the Washington Association for the Education of Young Children (WAYEC Conference), Lynnwood, WA.

Gauvreau, A., & Sandall, S. (2017) The DEC Recommend Practices. Presented at the Infant and Early Childhood Conference, Tacoma, WA.

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Gauvreau, A., & Godino, T. (2016, March). Home Visiting in Early Childhood: Effective Strategies and Practices. DEC Learning Deck Professional Development webinar. 

Gauvreau, A., & Sandall, S. (2016, February). How was your day in Preschool? Using Mobile Technologies to Support Accurate Recall and Parent-Child Interactions. Poster presented at the CRIEI conference, San Diego, CA.

Ashmun, J. & Gauvreau, A. (2015, October). Capturing Opportunities for Systematic Instruction for Children with ASD in Inclusive Settings. Presented at the Division for Early Childhood Conference, Atlanta, GA.

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