Martin T Howell

Assistant Dean for Academic & Student Affairs

What I Do

In my role as Assistant Dean I direct the College of Education’s student services functions (recruitment, admissions, student advising, degree completion, etc.); have responsibility for academic planning, student concerns/grievances, and the student experience; and have oversight of the Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion.  Working in conjunction with faculty and other staff, my goal is to create the conditions where students can pursue their educational goals successfully.  I welcome conversations with students about any topic, but most often I work with students who need assistance with academic progress, with personal concerns, with academic relationships, and with UW and College of Ed policies & procedures.

About Me

Prior to arriving here in 2005, I held student life administrative positions at several institutions including Emory University, the University of Puget Sound, and Oregon State University.  I completed my graduate education (PhD) at the University of Georgia where I focused on non-academic student misconduct but also cultivated broader interests in student populations, campus environments, student learning, and assessment.  I've remained connected to those academic interests through teaching graduate courses in the Higher Education program.  Outside of work, I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with family.