Mia Tuan, Dean, UW College of EducationAt the University of Washington College of Education, we believe that every child in every school deserves an outstanding education. Our faculty, students and alumni work every day to achieve that vision by addressing the persistent achievement and opportunity gaps that exist in our schools.

Bold, break-out thinking is at the heart of our work. Our researchers are partnering with Washington’s most challenging, poverty-impacted schools and moving inside them to work side-by-side with educators as we connect research with practice. Our students are embedded in local schools to gain hands-on experience as they prepare to be future educators, leaders, researchers and advocates.

The impact of this work has already established the College of Education — rated among the Top 10 education schools by U.S. News and World Report — as one of the most practice-based, research-rigorous education institutions in the nation. We are innovating on all fronts. From preparing teachers for the rigorous new Next Generation Science Standards that will change the way science is taught in America’s classrooms to introducing social-emotional learning into daily school lessons to our innovative fast-track teacher education programs, UW is tackling the most pressing problems facing America's schools.

We are committed to doing work that is relevant to our communities, to our schools, to our districts and to our well-being as a nation. Together with our partners, we will move entire education systems forward so that all children are prepared to thrive.

Mia Tuan

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