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Maggie Beneke

Associate Professor
Special Education Doctoral

My scholarship is concerned with transforming deficit discourses surrounding young children’s identities and competencies, specifically young Children of Color with disabilities. I come to this work as a white woman scholar and former inclusive early childhood teacher who was labeled with a disability as a young child. Drawing on Disability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit) and sociocultural perspectives, my recent work examines how racism and ableism intersect in the context of everyday literacy practices, as well as how early educators, young children, and families negotiate and resist oppressive notions of “normalcy." I consider how such resistance can inform shifts in teacher education and early childhood education.

Ph.D. University of Kansas; Special Education
M.A.T. Tufts University; Child Development
B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University; English Literature & Studio Art
Centers and Initiatives
Fellowships, honors and awards
  • Early Literacy Educator of the Year, Early Childhood Education Assembly, National Council for Teachers of English - 2020
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, Disability Studies in Education SIG, American Educational Research Association - 2018
  • Outstanding Student Member, Kansas Division for Early Childhood, Council for Exceptional Children - 2017
  • Judy Tate Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Department of Special Education, University of Kansas - 2016
  • Doctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Policy & Social Research, University of Kansas - 2016

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  • Beneke, M. R., Machado, E., Taitingfong, J., Dhoot, S., Nagarajan, J., & Rupert, M. (in press). “‘Together’ means I am not the only one”: Educators reclaiming interdependence in early literacy through narratives of struggle. Language Arts.
  • Machado, E., Beneke, M. R., & Taitingfong, J. (2023). "Rise up, hand in hand": Early childhood teachers writing a liberatory literacy pedagogy. American Educational Research JournalOnline Publication/Abstract. 
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  • Beneke, M. R., Machado, E., & Taitingfong, J. (2022). Dismantling carceral logics in the urban early literacy classroom: Towards liberatory literacy pedagogies with/for multiply-marginalized young children. Urban Education. Online Publication/Abstract.
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