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Director of Research, Haring Center for Inclusive Education

Research Interests

Developmental Disabilities
Early Childhood
Social-Emotional Issues
Teacher Education & Research

Kathleen Artman Meeker

Associate Professor

I began my career as a special education teacher for children with severe and multiple disabilities in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Like many new teachers, I often struggled to use all the knowledge I had about teaching in the classroom. The formal and informal coaching I received from people around me made a difference in the work I did every day. As a researcher, I am committed to understanding the professional development experiences that make a difference in the lives of teachers and children.  My work has focused on developing effective and efficient professional development systems for early childhood professionals. I am particularly interested in the many ways teachers receive performance feedback on their teaching. For example, I have used simple technology such as email to expand access to professional development opportunities when on-site coaches are not available. I am continuing to explore whether and how characteristics of feedback such as dosage, quality, and delivery format influence teachers’ use of evidence-based practices. To date, the content focus of my coaching work has revolved around teachers’ use of social-emotional teaching strategies and positive behavior support.

Ph.D., Special Education, Vanderbilt University
M.Ed., Early Childhood Special Education, Ohio State University
B.S., Special Education, Ohio State University
Centers and Initiatives


Courses Taught
EDC&I 495: Community-led Grant Writing
EDSPE 520: Seminar in Applied Special Education Research: Grant Writing
EDSPE 562: Curriculum and Assessment for Young Children with Disabilities
EDSPE 565: Approaches to Early Childhood Education
EDSPE 518: Seminar in Special Education Research: Writing a Literature Review
EDSPE 414: Introduction to Inclusive Early Childhood Communities

* Indicates graduate student collaborator

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Selected Chapters and Monographs

Artman-Meeker, K., Kinder, K. A., & Hemmeter, M. L. (2022). Collaborative coaching partnerships. In P. Snyder, M. Hemmeter, & L. Fox (Eds.) Essentials of Practice-based Coaching. Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing.

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New features

During in-person and virtual sessions offered over multiple days in early November, early childhood administrators, coaches, behavior specialists and state teams focused on specific aspects of Pyramid Model implementation and systems-level supports.