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Educational Policy
Effective Schools & School Systems
Policy & Educational Reform
Quantitative Research Methods
Science & Mathematics
Teacher Education & Research
Technology in Teaching and Learning

Min Sun


Dr. Min Sun specializes in teacher learning, the school and policy contexts that support teacher learning, and AI/ML research and application developments in education. Her work has been published in premier research journals in education and has been funded by IES, NSF, Spencer Foundation, William T. Grant Foundation, among others. 

Dr. Sun's work has four strands: 

  1. AI/ML Research. Our team's research develops AI/ML methods and studies AI adoptions by integrating educational domain knowledge in curriculum and instruction, learning science, and educational policy and school systems. NSF CORE Lesson Planning and AI
  2. AI-Powered Product Developments. Our dedicated team designs, tests, and refines AI-powered tools and platforms, ensuring they meet the specific needs of K-12 educational settings, enhance learning experiences, and promote inclusive education NSF PFI-TT Colleague;
  3. Data Science in Education Training. Our training programs aim to cultivate AI/ML proficiency in education among data scientists, educators, researchers, and EdTech partners to foster an ecosystem of responsible use AI in education. IES Data Science Training ISEA
  4. Policy Research and Multi-Sector Partnerships. Our work uses interdisciplinary perspectives and research methods to provide cutting-edge educational policy research to address educational, economic, and social inequities. We seek to provide meaningful, innovative, and rigorous analysis of data (both in-depth and at scale) to address pressing educational issues at federal, state, and local levels. Our work is conducted in close partnership with K-12 practitioners, policymakers, and EdTech industrial partners to bring real solutions to real issues. UW EPAL.
Ph.D., Dual major in Educational Policy and Measurement and Quantitative Methods (MQM), Michigan State University
Centers and Initiatives


Courses Taught
EDLPS 302 Intro to Edu Policy
EDLPS 564 Economics of Education
EDLPS 560 Ed Policy Studies and Practice
EDPSY 567 Applied Quasi-experimental Research in Education and Other Social Science

Teaching and Learning, AI for Education, Educator Learning, School Finance/Teacher Salary/Labor Markets, Education Policy,  Economics of Education


New features

An innovative new project that leverages machine learning to assess mathematics lesson plan quality in the middle grades has been selected by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to receive a $1.5 million grant.
This new training program will prepare education researchers to use advanced supervised and unsupervised machine learning and natural language processing methods, along with human coding, to extract meaningful insights from education data.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for high-quality digital instructional materials has increased dramatically for K-12 educators. To address this need, the University of Washington College of Education is developing Colleague, an online lesson planning platform, thanks to a generous grant from the National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation.