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Research Interests

Equity Studies
Higher Education
Intercollegiate Athletics
Qualitative Research Methods

Jennifer Hoffman

Associate Professor

Intercollegiate athletics are a highly visible aspect of campus communities. Regardless of the size of the institution or notoriety of the athletic department, policies in athletics have implications that are far reaching.  My research agenda in the Center for Leadership in Athletics specializes in analysis of issues in today's traditional college sports and the emergence of college esports. In my research I use qualitative, conceptual, and policy analysis methods. I integrate critical, poststructural, and feminist perspectives in my research to illustrate the issues at the intersection of intercollegiate athletics and higher education. My work has been recognized by the Association For The Study of Higher Education, where I received the ASHE 2021 Special Merit Award. I am also the editor of the Center’s Research From The Front Porch research briefs.

Ph.D., Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, University of Washington
M.A., Student Development Administration, Seattle University
B.S., Physical Education, Washington State University


Courses Taught
EDUC 200: Esports & Sports in Competition (undergraduate)
EDUC 200: The Place of Sports in the University (undergraduate)
EDLPS 520: Education As A Moral Endeavor (graduate)
EDLPS 514: Informing Policy & Decision-Making with Data (graduate)
EDLPS 598: Qualitative Research Methods (graduate)

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