Summer Lo

Student Services Manager

Welcome! I am the Student Services Manager at the Office of Student Services (OSS) at the UW College of Education. I play an integral role in supporting our students in their journey throughout the College. I help connect students (prospective and current) to our advisers and various resources, and I coordinate fun community-building events throughout the year. Behind the scenes, I wear many hats as I facilitate staff and faculty, support applications processing, and liaise across teams to implement process improvements. Together with the team and community feedback, I strive to always improve the student experience here at the College of Education. We're here to empower you, elevate your voices, equip you with the tools and mindset for success, and of course, make sure you enjoy your time here. Let your "now" with us be exciting and meaningful and your memories with us in the future be everlasting and positively impactful.