Catherine Taylor

Emeritus Professor

My research is focused on four major areas: the professional preparation of teachers in the area of assessment, classroom assessment issues, issues in large scale assessment, and validity issues in testing. I consider the classroom as the central and most important location of assessment decisions and have conducted research on instructional models for preparing pre-service teachers. Future work in classroom assessment will be related to standards-based grading practices and the development and validation of diagnostic assessments of higher order reading and mathematics skills. My validity research on large scale testing has focused on potential sources of bias in testing based on item type (constructed -response versus multiple-choice test items) .

The ultimate goal of my research is to challenge assumptions and raise questions - both in the measurement community and in the schools - about the influence of assessment on students and about the validity of assessment interpretations made about students. I am currently engaged in research that investigates evidence for the validity of different methods of scoring performance-based assessments in mathematics, reading, and writing.

Ph.D., Kansas, 1986


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Refereed Journal Publications

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