Please review the links below for relevant information about UW College of Education communications. If you would like to submit a project request, please use our online form. For more assistance, please contact Dustin Wunderlich, director for marketing and communications.

Communication Channels [+]

The Educator E-Newsletter — Currently published 12x/year. Includes features about students, faculty and alumni; College news; funding information; honors/awards; and upcoming events. 

Web Features — Faculty are encouraged submit news in advance of release date for maximum exposure.

Social Networking — Quick updates, photos, or links. Ongoing. 

Press Releases — UW News and Information provides feedback on pitches and writes press releases for distribution to media. 

Letters to Donors/Community Members/Friends — Ongoing from Dean’s Office and Advancement.

Recruitment Brochures — Ongoing. 

Common Communication Formats [+]

Long or Short Features — Between 300–1000 words, depending on subject. Features typically fit into categories of research, faculty, current students, prospective students, alumni, and community. News and events are also included. Graphics and pull quotes encouraged.

Talking Points — Bulleted list of talking points for distribution to Dean’s Office, Advancement, Office of Student Services, Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion, Advisory Boards, etc.

Data — List of facts/figures for web sidebar or feature inclusion. May also be used in news re: faculty, alumni, students, site updates, etc. We need titles, blurbs, and links.

Photos — Between 4–25 photos, depending on subject/event. Can be featured as web slideshows or on social networking sites. We encourage you to list the caption as the image title for clarity.

Video — From 1–30 minutes, depending on subject/event.

Events — Facts for calendar, feature, or photo gallery. Any College of Education faculty or staff member can post to calendar. Contact the Web Manager with questions about posting your events.

Program Updates — For website and/or feature. Any College of Education faculty or staff member can send updates to the Web Manager.

Writing Style & Best Practices [+]

College of Education Style Guide — This online guide will help you consistently use abbreviations, capitalization, inclusive language, urls and other matters of writing style in College communications.

Web Writing Best Practices — This brief set of guidelines, tips and suggestions will help you create more effective content, engage and inform your audiences, and meet your goals.

UW & College of Education Branding [+]

PowerPoint Templates [+]

Note: To use these templates, please download UW's brand fonts.

Click here for the purple College of Education PowerPoint template.

Click here for the gray College of Education PowerPoint template.

Undergraduate Poster Template

College Letterhead [+]

Download the College's standard template. It is recommended that you download and install UW's brand fonts as well. Please contact the communications team for information about ordering print letterhead.

Flyer Templates [+]

Business Cards [+]

This links to UW Creative Communications. If you have not already done so, you will need to register for a C+C account. Select Business Cards from the "Featured Categories" menu, then select Business Cards - W Style to place your order. In the "Style" option, please choose "Department name above "University of Washington" and enter "College of Education" for your department. Once you've entered your information you'll have an opportunity to preview your card.