College of Education Faculty Code

The Faculty Code guides the actions of Faculty Council and the faculty as determined by the faculty.

Faculty Leadership

Faculty Council and Leadership Team for the current academic year.

Faculty Activity Report

The Faculty Activity Report is used for the annual Merit Review process conducted each Spring Quarter.

Faculty Effort Estimate

The Faculty Effort Estimate is used by faculty members with grant, contract or other effort resources to notify the College Fiscal Office and Payroll of percentage of effort for the upcoming quarters/academic year as appropriate.  This form is completed by the faculty member and submitted to Gwyn Hinton of the Fiscal Office. (Currently being updated)

Supporting Undergraduate Research

Resources for Faculty who want to include undergraduates in their research or mentor independent undergraduate research.

Hiring a Graduate Student

This process guide directs faculty on the College of Education process for hiring graduate students for academic year, quarterly or summer appointments. The process flow document gives a quick overview of actions in the hiring process.

Faculty Promotion & Tenure

Faculty Search Handbook


Mentoring Systems for Faculty

In order to support the professional development of our Faculty, the College of Education adopted mentoring system guidelines for Senior Lecturers, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors.

Leave – Faculty may be eligible to take the following types of Leave.

  • Paid Professional Leave (aka Sabbatical) – eligible faculty members may take paid professional leave every 7 years.  Applications for Paid Professional Leave are accepted by the College of Education each Fall and recommendations are submitted to the Academic Personnel Office.
  • Leave Without Pay. Eligible faculty members may apply for Leave Without Pay – partial or full – according to UW policy.  Complete the form and submit to the Dean’s office for review and submission to Academic Personnel.
  • Sick Leave. Eligible faculty members may have need for sick leave.  Faculty Sick Leave is administered by Academic Human Resources.  Faculty may be eligible for paid sick leave of up to 90 days.  Further information should be discussed with HR Manager for the College of Education.

Proposing New/Changing Existing Curriculum



Sponsoring a Visiting Scholar. This process guide directs faculty on how to sponsor a Visiting Scholar to the UW College of Education.  Questions should be directed to HR Manager.