College Finances and Fiscal Processes

The Miller Fiscal Office (MFO) is located Miller 222 and the Grant Support Office (GSO) is located in Miller 302A.  We are here to provide fiscal support for your work here at the College of Education.

Fiscal Office Tips

  • Buying anything - don't forget pre-approval - We are now using TREQ for requests.  See below.
  • To get reimbursed you need:
    • Approval
    • Proof of payment
    • Proof of receipt
  • Please turn in your mileage based on your volume.  If you are a coach turn in mileage on a monthly basis.  If you drive less frequently submit at least quarterly, but check in with your budget manager.
  • Food
    • Requests for food purchases on non-food approved budgets must be accompanied by a pre-approved food form, whether they are reimbursements, Procard or UW HFS purchases.
    • All meetings with food must be accompanied by: an agenda; and a list of attendees or a sign in sheet with a copy of the invitation.
    • Access food form here.


A listing of current Fiscal Office staff can be found here.

Faculty Budget Support

A listing of who is responsible for supporting faculty fiscally can be found here (link coming.)

MyFD Reconciliation  

Reconciliation is the process of matching supporting documents with charges on a sponsored project budget.  Reconciliation status is tracked in the system called MyFinancialDesktop (MyFD).  Please review COE reconciliation resources.


PurchasePath has been retired as of 08/31/2020.  It is being replaced by Travel & Requisition System (TREQ).  Please review COE procurement resources.


Even with TREQ we still need forms in the College of Education.  Here are commonly used forms in the College of Education.  They may be downloaded in the formats listed for each.  If you have questions about which forms are required send us an email

CoE Fiscal Forms can be found here.


Please feel free to provide feedback to the College of Education Fiscal Staff on the website information. You may sent feedback to: