Travel Guide

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COE Travel Policies are more restrictive than UW Travel policies.  If you feel that something contradicts your understanding please contact your budget manager.

Travel Tips

  1. Get solo travel pre-authorization or group travel pre-authorization (see sample pre-authorization form)
  2. Know the per diem rate for lodging & meals
  3. COE requires you keep ALL receipts – except for individual meals
  4. Turn in Post-Travel form (see sample Post-Travel form)
  5. Know what is NOT reimbursable.  (UW Travel link)

Personal Time Tips

  1. Get pre-authorization
  2. Airfare for a trip with personal time cannot be put on the CTA
  3. Get a list of comparison fares at the SAME time as you get your airfare
  4. Understand when UW business time ends and Personal time begins
  5. Know what is NOT reimbursable.  (UW Travel link)

Reference Pages

Per Diem Rates

School Mileage Chart