Tablecloths, Banner, and Backdrop Reservation Form

UW College of Education staff and faculty can request tablecloths, banners, and backdrops for their events. To request any of these items, please fill out the Tablecloths, Banner, and Backdrop Reservation Form at least 3 business days in advance of your event. Items are on a first come, first serve basis.

Our pick-up and drop-off windows are according to the Office of Student Services office hours. We are currently operating on our summer hours and will return to our regular hours on September 12, 2024. Please be mindful of this when filling out the form.

Once the form is completed, you will receive an email shortly to confirm your reservation or follow up if the request cannot be completed. The confirmation email will include detailed instructions for pick-up and drop-off of requested items. Please be aware that if you do not pick up and drop off your items at the agreed upon dates and times, your ability to use this resource in the future may be limited.

*To ensure availability of our tablecloths for any staff or faculty in the College who may need them, it is important that the tablecloths are returned as clean as possible with no excessive wrinkles. You are welcome to provide a budget number if they are dirty or wrinkled enough that we need to launder them or you can clean them at home. One way to avoid excessive wrinkles would be to immediately fold the tablecloth neatly after use. Please note that failure to return clean tablecloths may lead to limiting you and/or your team's ability to rent out tablecloths or other items in the future.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Student Services Manager, Summer Lo ( If you have any feedback on your experience with using this resource, you are welcome to fill out our TBB Reservation System Feedback Form.

Please see the following table for the dimensions of the available tablecloths:

TableclothsLength Width
Non-branded black tablecloths7 ft 6.5 in7 ft 6.5 in
Non-branded purple tablecloths7 ft 6.5 in7 ft 6.5 in
CoE branded tablecloths 1 & 210 ft 8 in7 ft 1 in
CoE branded tablecloth 311 ft 1 in7 ft 4 in
CoE branded tablecloth 412 ft 10 in7 ft 4 in