University of Washington Information


Academic Human Resources

UW Faculty & Staff Guide 
Includes links to travel, catering, records management, parking, and much more.

UW Handbook
Contains guidelines on almost everything.

UW News & Events
Provides links to all news related to the University of Washington.


CSSCR Computing Center
The Center for Social Science Computation and Research is a discipline-specific computing center serving eleven member departments (including the College of Education). CSSCR offers free computer consulting, courses, and other services.

Computing & Communications Computer Training
Course catalog and registration information. (Staff can be reimbursed for some computer courses; consult Human Resources for further information.)

UW Mailman Reference Guide
This section of the UW Computing & Communications site provides information pertaining to the set-up and management of mailman listservs.

Courses & Grading

UW Curriculum Office
Contains guidelines for completing new course applications, as well as other useful information.

Instructor Class Lists
Instruction for faculty on how to obtain electronic class lists.

UW Office of Educational Assessment
Guidelines for faculty regarding the ordering and use of course evaluation forms.

Office of the Registrar
Guidelines for faculty grade reports, as well as other useful links (including final exam schedule, academic calendar, and Time Schedule Worksheet due dates).

UW Time Schedule
Official course offerings for current and future quarters, including links to information on course status, enrollments, restrictions, etc.

UW Academic Calendar
Information including registration deadlines, dates of instruction, and final examination schedules.

College of Education Procedures for New Courses or Change of Courses


UW Libraries Information Gateway
Links to all UW library services.


UW Stores
Office supplies, etc.

UW Publications Services
Order business cards online. Publications Services also handles orders for postage barcodes.

UW Book Store


UW Grant & Contract Guide
Has updated funding opportunities, tips on proposal development, and forms needed when putting together a proposal at the UW.