Teacher professional learning

ConnectEd: Your Support team for Professional & Community Learning at the College of Education

ConnectEd offers a platform for sharing your work directly with educators and leaders. We can help you organize events from one-hour webinars to multi-day events.

Support We Can Provide


  • Registration & budgeting
  • Advertisement
  • Coordinating clock hours & MERIT (STARS) credits
  • Room rentals & refreshments
  • Procuring and organizing materials

Event support

  • Set up and clean up
  • Managing registration and attendance
  • Online learning management system / course website
  • Online and in-person session support

Thought partners

  • Support thinking through your event, from idea to logistics to facilitation
  • Opportunities for facilitators to learn from one another


  • Designing exit tickets and surveys
  • Collecting and summarizing feedback from participants                                       

Possible Event Formats


Invite participants to think about a new set of ideas in a 45-90 minute session. Webinars might involve any combination of presentation, panel discussion, breakout room conversations, or Q&A.


Work together on a set of learning goals over a series of sessions. Three 1-2 hour sessions over the course of three weeks is a popular online course format, but there are lots of ways to structure a course:

  • Identify how many sessions you’ll need and how long each session might be
  • Decide how much time there should be between sessions (eg. one intensive week, a three-week series, a year-long fellowship)
  • Consider whether you might ask participants to try something out or complete any homework between sessions
  • Decide whether the course will take place entirely in-person, online, or a combination. Creating an online, asynchronous course is another possibility.


Bring learners together for a deep dive at a one- or multi-day conference, summit, or institute. Events of this scale require a significant lead time to prepare, so get in touch early!

Have something else in mind?

Tell us about the learning experience you’d like to create and we’ll work together to see what’s possible.

Get Started

Develop a course offering or event

Learn More

If you’d like to brainstorm possible ideas with us or learn more about possible ways to structure professional learning experiences, contact us at professionallearning@uw.edu. If you’ve got a developed idea you’d like to propose, proceed to Phase 1 below.

Phase 1: Proposing an Idea

Draft a proposal describing the content and structure of your event. This proposal does not need to be formal or finalized, just enough information for us to begin working out the details together. Send us your proposal and we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss.

Phase 2: Discussing the Idea

During this meeting, we’ll get a better sense of the event you’re imagining and answer any questions you may have. After this meeting, the Professional & Community Learning team will have enough information to begin the necessary fiscal processes (setting registration fees and compensation for facilitators) and event planning (identifying potential dates and locations).

Phase 3: Refining the Idea

We’ll be in communication with you as we finalize the behind-the-scenes details. Meanwhile, you’ll revisit your initial proposal, make any desired changes, and send us the version that will be used to advertise the event.

Ready to Go!

With all of the details described in the proposal agreed upon, we’re ready to go! We’ll begin advertising the event and you’ll continue planning the content of the event.

Things to Know

  • Getting from, “I have an idea!” to the event being advertised can take time. It is ideal to have at least one month to advertise events like webinars and courses and a few months for larger events like conferences or institutes. All of the details in the proposal document need to be finalized before advertising can begin.
  • Professional & Community Learning opportunities are funded by registration fees and contracted services. We support a limited number of free events, but most events involve a fee to participants. In our budgeting, we aim to make offerings affordable for participants while covering costs and allowing us to compensate facilitators fairly.
  • Professional learning offered for Clock Hours and MERIT (STARS) credit must meet certain requirements, according to Washington state law.  
Request Clock Hours or MERIT Hours for an event you're organizing

Do you have an event already planned that you'd like to offer continued education credits for? The Office of Professional & Community Learning is an OSPI-approved Clock Hour provider and can apply for MERIT (previously called STARS) continuing education status for your event. If you’d like to offer Clock Hours or MERIT Hours for an event you are facilitating or working in partnership with another organization to facilitate, it will need to meet the criteria described here.

If you believe your event meets these criteria, please complete this form to request Clock Hours/MERIT Hours at least two weeks prior to the start of the event. We’ll email you to confirm your request and explain the recordkeeping process.

Questions? Contact us at professionallearning@uw.edu.

Recommend a professional learning facilitator

Help us connect with the students and partners you work with. We are looking for interested facilitators with experience leading adult learning opportunities. 

Please email recommendations to professionallearning@uw.edu. Include your name and relationship to the person you are recommending, the name and email address of the recommendee, anything you can share about their background and areas of interest, and what makes you think they would be a good fit.

Questions? Contact us at ConnectEd@uw.edu.