Here is an overview of the most widely used of the College's web databases. These systems serve as planning, program administration, and accreditation tools used by College faculty and staff. If you need access, contact the Help Desk. Find the complete list here.

College Reports

Archive of reports compiled by the Office of Institutional research. This includes annual reports of admission, enrollment, surveys and more.

Applicant Review

The Applicant review system supports online review of applicant material by faculty committees.

Courses Database

The Courses database supports internal course schedule and curriculum planning. It also features a public interface to allow students to see the draft course schedule for future quarters. The courses listed in this tool represent a long term developing plan and are therefore subject to change. Please see UW time schedule for official College of Education course listings.

NARF Hiring Database

Online New Appointment Request Form for short-term hiring requests.

Recruitment Database

The Recruitment database provides a shared repository of perspective students that have used the online Request Information tool or who have attended recruiting events.

Student Database

The Student database supports student advising and program administration. 

Training & News

See our self-guided Canvas course. This course will introduce you UW data security expectations and provide an introduction to the college databases. We are adding more training videos that may be helpful to current users.

Learn more about college information systems and what we are working on in the College of Education, Technology Center Site.