Coming Summer 2023

The Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies (Ed Studies) degree program is a minimum requirement major designed to give you the opportunity to study foundational concepts and concentrate on a specific area of focus that will prepare you for a number of different careers and graduate studies related to the field of education.  All students take 30 credits of Foundational Courses and an additional 20 - 22 credits in their chosen option.  

 Please contact for more information.

Advising for current UW students seeking to switch or declare Education Studies as their major

Tabitha Bronsema, Lead Admission & Outreach Adviser, supports high school students, transfer students, and returning students in exploring the Education Studies Major. If you have questions about the Education Studies Major, please attend an Undergraduate Majors and Minor Information Session or an Ask an Undergraduate Admissions Adviser Session. Each session is held weekly, see the College of Education calendar for upcoming dates. 

Education Studies: Open Admissions Cycle

UW students are able to declare the Education Studies major in the first two weeks of each quarter, beginning in Summer 2023.  Interested students are encouraged to follow admission dates and meet with our Education Studies adviser to review credit requirements and complete the Change of Major form.

Admissions Cycle
Opening Date Closing Date Admitted Quarter
June 20 July 7 Summer 2023
September 27 October 13 Autumn 2023
January 3 January 17 Winter 2024
March 25 April 8 Spring 2024

Education Studies Admissions Process for Summer 2023

To complete your Change of Major form in Summer 2023, please schedule a virtual or in-person  individual advising appointment with Ramon Concepcion.

Admission Requirements: 

45 earned credits 

2.0 in English Composition 

One Education Introduction course

Meet with adviser to complete the Change of Major form

Transfer Students

The College of Education welcomes and encourages transfer students to review both the degree requirements and UW Admission requirements. Please note that applying to both UW and the College of Education is necessary for admission to the major. Further, we strongly recommend transfer students attend Transfer Thursday to get a clearer picture of what it takes to be successfully admitted to the University and the College of Education.



Early Childhood Studies


Education Research and Policy


Foundations of Teaching


Multilingual/Language in Education


Sports and Education