Our one-year Secondary (Middle/High School) Teacher Education Program students earn a Master in Teaching degree, with a residency teacher certificate for middle or high school teaching in mathematics, sciences, social studies, language arts, or world languages, and optionally computer science.  Our graduates are prepared to address adolescent-specific issues, to support youth from poverty-impacted communities, and to help these students make the transition into young adulthood. Students that complete this program go on to teach across Washington state and beyond.

The curriculum is grounded in content while maintaining a strong focus on issues of equity, access, and multicultural education. You will have multiple practica and receive a full year of school experience. We offer pathways for adding endorsement specializations in English Language Learners and computer science.

This cohort-based program starts in spring quarter and finishes with full-time student teaching in late winter. (March is traditionally the beginning of hiring season; our students often work as long- or short-term substitute teachers in the spring.)

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