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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a growing discipline with a presence in both psychology and education. ABA has a rich history of affecting meaningful change through the application of behavioral principles at the system and individual levels. The University of Washington's ABA program is designed to prepare professionals to use the science of applied behavior analysis to help improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

The ABA Program in the UW College of Education offers both an on-campus and an online option. Both options allow students to earn a master’s degree in special education and complete the ABA coursework necessary to apply to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). You can view the UW ABA Program Mission Statement here

Students who become BCBAs typically work with individuals and caregivers in homes, clinics, and schools to affect socially significant behavior change. At the University of Washington, we place great value on the applied nature of ABA, providing ongoing opportunities for students to engage in skill development and collaboration with colleagues in the fields of education and psychology. 

For more information on becoming a BCBA, please see www.bacb.com. View pass rates for the BACB exam before 2021 by clicking the link. In 2020, UW program graduates passed at a rate of 85%, compared to a national average of 66%!

For further information on our program options, follow the links below, or:

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Disclaimer: While the BCBA certification is valid in all 50 states, many states also require licensure of behavior analysts.   State laws related to licensure of behavior analysts vary and do not necessarily reflect the same requirements as the BCBA certification.   Applicants should be knowledgeable about licensure requirements in the state in which they may plan to apply for licensure. The Behavior Analyst Certificaton Board (BACB) provides this resource for information on state licensure of behavior analysts:  https://www.bacb.com/u-s-licensure-of-behavior-analysts/.  Also, please be aware that the BACB (the Behavior Analyst Certification Board) has announced that after Jan. 1, 2023, only individuals who reside in the U.S., Canada, and UK may apply for BACB certification.  You can read more about that here:  https://www.bacb.com/global-certification/


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) On-Campus Program

The ABA On-Campus Program offers a two-year program that includes ABA coursework, a master’s degree in special education, and a group practicum. Students complete coursework on campus 3 evenings a week. At the end of this two-year, full-time graduate program, students will have met the coursework and degree requirements necessary to apply to sit for the *BCBA certification exam.

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*Go to the BACB website to learn more about BCBA certification. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Online Program 

The ABA Online Program is designed for working professionals and students that prefer to take classes online or are limited in their ability to attend classes in person. Students complete the ABA coursework with an option to earn a Master's Degree in Special Education through additional coursework. Our online program offers courses as close as you can get to being in a real classroom by utilizing state of the art online technology that maximizes opportunities for high-quality, real-time participation with instructors and peers. Complete supervision packages with university-affiliated BCBAs are available for a limited number of online students.

In 2021, our program was ranked the #1 behavioral psychology program in the country!  Additionally, we received an award for best ABA curriculum. Come see what makes us great by applying today! 

Visiting Scholar 2024

Every year, the ABA Program invites a scholar from another university or part of the country who we believe is doing exciting or thought-provoking work in Applied Behavior Analysis. In 2024, we are excited to have Dr. Michele D. Wallace, Ph.D., BCBA-D from the Division of Special Education and Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles share and showcase her scholarly work with us. Please visit our Visiting Scholars Program page to learn more about our Visiting Scholars Program!



Doctoral Program in Special Education: ABA Option

For more information on the UW Doctoral program in Special Education with an emphasis on ABA, click here.

For more information about the University of Washington ABA Program, please contact abainfo@uw.edu or call (206)221-4116.

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