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June 28, 2024

Your foundation in education begins here

The Education Studies (EDST) degree program is a minimum requirement major that gives you the opportunity to study foundational education concepts and also concentrate on an area of your choice. All pathways emphasize educational equity and enacting social justice.

Early Childhood Studies Option

Coursework in Early Childhood Studies focuses on understanding the sociocultural context in which young children grow and thrive. This option is ideal for students who are interested in careers focussed on supporting young children and families, including:

  • Careers in early childhood leadership, research and policy
  • Careers working with young children and families in settings beyond the classroom
  • Graduate teacher certification programs in PreK - 3rd grade or K - 3 (this option does not provide the P-3 endorsement)

Download the Early childhood Studies graduation plan

The Early Childhood Studies option prepares you to apply to the following  COE graduate programs:

Education Research and Policy Option

Coursework in Education Research and Policy provides students with an understanding of research and practice of education policy, organizations and leadership. This option is a good choice for students who are interested in understanding the complex sociocultural context of education and how it impacts the lives of individuals across their lifespans. Post graduation options include:

  • Graduate programs in education policy, research, and leadership
  • Careers in education research and education policy development

Download the Education Research and Policy graduation plan

The Education Research and Policy option prepares you to apply to the following COE graduate programs:

Foundations of Teaching Option

The Foundations of Teaching option is ideal for students who are considering a graduate program that will prepare them to teach in elementary, secondary or higher education settings. Post graduation options include:

  • Graduate programs for teacher certification
  • Graduate programs in school psychology, social & cultural foundations or other school support fields
  • Careers in secondary or higher education

Download the Foundations of Teaching graduation plan

The Foundations in Teaching option prepares you to apply to the following COE graduate programs:

Multilingual/Language in Education Option

The Multilingual/Language option is designed for students who will be pursuing teacher certification in multilingual classrooms or working in support of multilingual education locally and globally. Career options include:

  • Graduate programs for teacher certification for elementary or secondary education
  • Graduate programs in ed policy, school psychology and social & cultural foundations
  • Graduate programs in language and culture
  • Careers teaching in multilingual classrooms and other educational spaces
  • Careers in educational research and policy with an emphasis on language and multilingual issues

Download the Multilingual/Language graduation plan

The Multilingual/Language in Education option prepares you to apply to the following COE graduate programs:

Sports and Education Option

This option is designed for students interested in pursuing the diverse field of sports and athletics. The major helps prepare you for careers and/or graduate studies in sports. Post graduation options include:

  • Graduate programs in sports education and leadership
  • Administrative and coaching careers in
    • College athletics
    • Professional sports
    • Community-based organizations
    • Outdoor education
    • Youth sports

Sports and Education graduation plan

The Sports and Education option prepares you to apply to the following COE graduate programs:

After graduation

Interested in graduate studies? After earning your B.A. through the EDST program, consider one of our many graduate-level programs. From teaching certificates, special education, sports management and more, every EDST program aligns with our graduate programs.

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    All EDST students take 30 credits of foundational courses and an additional 20-22 credits in their chosen option.

    Foundational courses for all students (30 credits)
    • EDUC 251 Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity
    • EDUC 310 Current Issues in Education
    • COE electives, 300 level or above (12 cr.)

    One of the following education introduction courses

    • ECFS 200 Introduction to Early Childhood and Family Studies
    • EDUC 240 Introduction to Education
    • EDUC 280 Introduction to Education, Communities, and Organizations

    One of the following human development courses

    • EDPSY 302 Child Development and Learning
    • EDPSY 404 Adolescent Development
    • EDPSY 380 Adult Learning and Development
    Early Childhood Studies option (22 credits)
    • NSG 432 Infants and Children: Risk and Resilience
    • ECFS 320 Childhood in Cultural Context
    • ECFS 401 Understanding ECFS Research (prereq. EDPSY 302)
    • ECFS 402 Social Policy and Young Children and Families
    • EDUC 400 Capstone
    Education Research and Policy option (20 credits)
    • EDLPS 302 Introduction to Education Policy
    • EDPSY 490 Basic Education Statistics (prior course recomm. Math 098, Math 100, or Math 102) 
    • EDUC 472 Individuals, Groups, Organizations, and Institutions
    • EDUC 473 Community Based Research and Practice 
    • EDUC 400 Capstone
    Foundations of Teaching option (20 credits)
    • EDC&I 351 Teaching as a Profession 
    • EDSPE 304 Disability and Ableism in Education 
    • EDPSY 406 Learning and Teaching to Change the World 
    • EDUC 225 Introduction to Language, Education, and Society (prior course recomm. LING 200)
    • EDUC 400 Capstone
    Multilingual/Language Education option (22 credits)
    • EDUC 225 Introduction to Language, Education, and Society (prior course recomm. LING 200)
    • EDC&I 345 Bilingualism and Biliteracy in Multilingual Classrooms (prior course recomm. EDC&I 359)
    • EDC&I 359 Second-Language Learning in Schools and Communities
    • EDC&I 453 Immigration and Schooling
    • EDUC 400 Capstone
    Sports and Education option (20 credits)
    • EDUC 221 Education and the Playing Field
    • EDUC 231 Developing Youth Through Sport and Physical Activity
    • EDUC 300 Sport Coach as Leader
    • EDUC 451 The Role of Sport in Social Justice and Change
    • EDUC 400 Capstone

    EDST students will complete the following UW graduation requirements:

    • Minimum of 180 total credits
    • Final year residency requirement
      • 45 of last 60 credits taken at UW
    • Minimum 2.0 GPA


    Prospective students are welcome to schedule an admission advising appointment with our Lead Admissions & Outreach Adviser, Alejandra Baires-Ramirez, who can provide one-on-one support with:

    • Admission process
    • Scholarships and financial aid
    • Transferring to UW

    Note: If appointments are completely booked, please schedule an admission advising appointment with Ramon Concepcion.

    Current EDST majors and UW prospective students who are ready to declare EDST as their major are welcome to schedule an in-person or virtual advising appointment with Alec Koehler, Lead Academic Adviser. 

    Admission requirements and process

      UW students are able to declare the Education Studies major in the first two weeks of each quarter.  Interested students are encouraged to follow admission dates and meet with our Education Studies adviser to review credit requirements and complete the change of major form.

      Opening dateClosing DateAdmitted quarter
      Sep. 30Oct. 11Autumn 2024
      Jan. 6Jan. 17Winter 2025
      Mar. 31Apr. 11Spring 2025
      • 45 earned credits with a minimum 2.0 GPA cumulative
      • 2.0 GPA in English Composition
      • 2.0 GPA in one Education Introduction course:
        • ECFS 200
        • EDUC 240
        • EDUC 280
      1. Ensure you have met all requirements and prerequisites
      2. Declare the major by scheduling an admissions appointment with the EDST Adviser
        1. If there are no appointments available that work with your schedule, please email Alec Koehler, Lead Academic Adviser, at to schedule an alternate time.

      We welcome transfer students to our program! As a transfer student, you will have some additional steps and required materials to your application process. 

      If you are interested in the EDST major, be sure to select the major on your UW Admissions application. We require ECFS 200, EDUC 240, or EDUC 280 to be completed for a student to be able to declare EDST in the following quarter. Transfer students who select the EDST major on their UW Admissions application will have a seat in ECFS 200, EDUC 240, or EDUC 280 held for them.

      Please note: you can only declare the Education Studies Major after your admission to UW and the successful completion of the major prerequisites. 

      Feel confident in the process by attending Transfer Thursday, an informational event run by the UW Office of Admissions. We also invite you to attend one of our weekly undergraduate majors and minor information sessions.

      Costs and funding

        We are a tuition-based program. Estimated tuition rates are based on your residency:

        • Estimated cost for Washington state residents: $12,643 per year
        • Estimated cost for out-of-state students: $41,997 per year

        Estimates are subject to change due and may differ due to course load and summer quarter enrollment. Estimates include some fees such as building fee, technology fee, U-Pass, etc. Fees such as textbooks are not included.

        View the UW tuition dashboard →
        Visit the Office of Planning & Budgeting →

        It is highly recommended that students in the program complete the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) application. These applications are necessary for various forms of financial aid, including scholarships and loans. The College of Education also offers scholarship and funding opportunities.

        Through this one application, undergraduate students can apply for multiple scholarships worth between $900 - $5,000.

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