Find inspiration and practical support for the start of the next school year! Join one of our summer mini courses for teachers, instructional leaders, and other educators. Choose from a variety of topics to fit your learning needs and interests. There are in-person and online learning opportunities to suit your schedule. Discounted registration rates are available for educators paying for their own registration fees. Find your course today!


Every Teacher Can Lead: Finding Your Niche as a Strengths-Based Teacher Leader

In this interactive course, we will explore the various ways you can bring your passion, knowledge, and equity-focused orientation to a variety of teacher leadership roles, ranging from leading teams to coaching and mentoring colleagues, and much more.

Online  |  July 25 - 27  |  9 clock hours  |  $150

Facilitated by Dr. Sylvia Bagley & Dr. Kjell Stroomer-Rowe


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Criticality and Counternarratives in the Classroom

This workshop will engage educators in supporting students’ critical thinking skills and using intentional counternarratives to challenge students to unlearn or relearn what they thought they knew. We will explore popular images (social media, ads) and stories (Cinderella, Little Red Hen) as opportunities to engage students in dismantling stereotypes and in reframing those narratives toward justice. 

In Person  |  July 26  |  3 equity clock hours  |  $75

Facilitated by Dr. Jamie Cho & Dr. Jodi Burrus Newman

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Formative Assessment in Elementary Mathematics: Interviewing Children About Their Mathematical Thinking

We know that all children bring important social, linguistic, cultural, and mathematical knowledge to their work in the math classroom. Our job as teacher is to find out what our students know and what is next on the horizon for them. This three-session course provides practical guidance for teachers seeking to take an asset-based approach to formative assessment.

Online  |  August 1, 8, 15  |  9 clock hours  |  $150

Facilitated by Kendra Lomax

PreK-1 Cohort

Grades 2-5 Cohort

Phonics Refresher for Equity-Minded Teachers

This course brings together two important bodies of research, “The Science of Reading” (research recognizing the importance of phonics instruction in the process of learning to read) and “Culturally Responsive Teaching” (research acknowledging the importance of building on students’ linguistic and cultural resources), to offer a vision of equity-focused phonics instruction that builds on the assets of both teachers and students.

Online  |  August 3, 10, 17  |  9 clock hours  |  $150

Facilitated by Dr. Maxine Alloway

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Supporting Students’ Language & Content Development in Elementary Math & Science 

All children bring to their learning of math and science unique scientific, mathematical, social, cultural, and linguistic knowledge that teachers can draw upon to advance their students’ STEM learning. In this course, educators will explore the particular ways that language is used in math and science in order to identify strategies to support multilingual and all students to meaningfully engage in STEM learning. 

In-Person  |  August 16 & 17  |  7.5 STEM clock hours  |  $125

Facilitated by Dr. Patricia Venegas-Weber & Kendra Lomax

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Ethics & Education Workshop

Much like doctors, lawyers, and engineers, educators are bound by standards of professional ethics – but what are these, and how are they useful? Where do these ethical guidelines come from, what justifies them, and how do we evaluate and shape them? This three-day workshop highlights normative case studies as an emerging approach to the study of educational ethics and to developing professional ethics among educators.

In Person  |  August 1, 2, 3  |  16 equity clock hours  |  $250

Facilitated by Dr. Tomas Rocha

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Media Literacy Institute

Support your students to develop media literacy skills, like critical thinking and responsible media consumption and production. This course aims to address the pressing need for students to develop media literacy skills, including critical thinking, discernment, and sharing abilities. Media literacy is not just an essential subject, but also an engaging approach to support teaching in all disciplines.

Online  |  July 31-August 4  |  16 clock hours  |  $200

This course is a collaboration between UW Center for Excellence in Media Literacy and the Center for Media Literacy

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