Partnerships & Custom-Designed Experiences


Let’s work together to design professional learning that meets the particular needs and interests of your context. This can take many forms, such as a facilitated book study, a workshop series, job-embedded experiences that involve trying out instructional practices together with students, or providing building- or district-level leadership support. Partnerships range from brief collaborations to multi-year engagements and can involve a team of teachers, an entire school, or multiple schools, and develop leadership that can sustain the effort. 

Teachers gather around a poster that has equations written on it.


One teacher holds a picture book and talks with the other teachers gathered around.


A poster covered with sticky notes on a venn diagram of what teacher leaders do, how they do it, and why.

Instructional Leadership

District leaders write notes on chart paper labeled, "Strengths."

School & District Leadership

A teacher talks with a group of young learners.

Early Learning

Students sit in a semi-circle facing a smiling teacher. Another teacher is seated in the circle.

Inclusive Education

A large group of educators stand in a circle discussing two posters in the center.

Teacher Education

A coach, surrounded by young baseball players, gestures to the field.

Athletics Leadership

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