Teacher Education Professional Development

Resources and professional development for teacher educators seeking to design and facilitate teacher learning that is both informed by study and grounded in experience.

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Teacher Education by Design (TEDD) offers professional development to support instructional coaches, administrators, professional development providers, mentor teachers, and other teacher educators to take up practice-based approaches to teacher education. Our professional development is based on a framework for teacher education that puts practice at the center of teacher learning: the learning cycle and instructional activities.

Teacher Education by Design professional development can support your team to learn more about:

  • Using the learning cycle and instructional activities to organize professional development
  • Designing and facilitating Learning Labs, a job-embedded model for professional development
  • Teacher educator pedagogies, or routines for facilitating teacher learning
  • Content-specific instructional activities

For more information, contact UWTEDD@uw.edu.

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New Teacher Support

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.  This impacted not only K-12 schools, but teacher preparation as well.  The result of this is that many schools and school districts have new teachers with limited experience in classrooms with children.  While these teachers likely have significant content knowledge and understanding of online teaching methods, they are still developing their understanding of how to translate what they learned in their teacher education program into classroom practices.  We are offering both small group and individual support for teachers in this predicament.

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