Enhancing Teacher Leadership in Your School

In this 10-week module, participants will:

  • Become acquainted with research on teacher-leadership; 
  • Discuss theories of action for equity-driven educational change and improvement;
  • Engage in self-reflection and assessment through exploration of personal journeys toward teacher-leadership;
  • Build a framework for understanding what teacher-leaders do and what contextual factors support teacher-leaders in their work;
  • Consider inquiry as a professional stance and develop leadership skills related to practitioner inquiry;
  • Conduct an analysis of their educational setting and develop an action plan to enhance collegiality and teacher leadership initiatives.

Module Structure

  • This module can be structured as a series of in-person meetings (conveniently located at your district), a fully-online course, or a blended learning experience with online coursework and on-site support. 
  • Interactive and engaging learning activities.
  • Research-based articles and chapters for discussion.
  • Personalized feedback on each participant’s progress and action plan.

Important Facts

  • Up to 25 participants may enroll in the module
  • 30 clock hours are available for full participation in the module (partial clock hours available upon request)
  • Timing of the module is flexible and can be modified to suit district's needs

Participants Say...

“My understanding [of teacher-leadership] has changed in SO many ways. Maybe the most significant is that it is my job to support teachers to take the lead and increase participation in making our school better.” – Teacher Participant from Meridian & Lynden School Districts, 2015


“The idea of teacher leadership has less to do with ‘leading’ in a formal way and more to do with modeling and supporting colleagues." – Teacher Participant from Meridian & Lynden School Districts, 2015