Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners

In this 10-week module, participants will:

  • learn about different coaching models and how to select elements among them for maximum impact at a specific school site;
  • plan and implement inquiry-based, respectful, equity-driven cycles for coaching and mentoring individual teachers and teams;
  • practice culturally responsive coaching strategies, including establishing trust, forming coaching relationships, observing teachers’ practice, collecting meaningful data, and engaging in reflective conversations;
  • learn techniques for facilitating effective professional development sessions;
  • craft a personalized action plan for next steps with their coaching work.

Module Structure

  • This module can be structured as a series of in-person meetings (conveniently located at your district), a fully-online course, or a blended learning experience with online coursework and on-site support. 
  • The online and blended versions of this module includes audio-narrated slideshow presentation, an interactive discussion forum, and instructor webcam check-ins. 
  • All formats include interactive and engaging learning activities, research-based articles and chapters for discussion, and personalized feedback on each participant’s progress and action plan.

Important Facts

  • Up to 25 participants may enroll in the module
  • 30 clock hours are available for full participation in the module (partial clock hours available upon request)
  • Timing of module is flexible and can be modified to suit district's needs
  • UW instructor will come to your district to provide in-person support

Participants Say...

“My experience [in this module] was wonderful. It really was one of the best trainings and learning experiences I’ve had in many years.”

Lori Wachter, Intervention Teacher at Sunrise Elementary, Kent School District 


“I learned the importance of being a good listener – it’s not about me being an expert, but it’s about really listening to the teacher you’re working with, and helping them reflect on and refine their own practice, with support.”

Keira Anderson, Instructional Specialist, Mukilteo School District