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Carolee Mathers knew that she wanted to be an elementary school teacher since she was in grade school herself.

The University of Washington Brotherhood Initiative (BI) will receive $80,000 over two years ($40,000 per year) from American Family Insurance to support the first two years of the cohort-

The University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) partners with courageous leaders in classrooms, schools and the systems that support them to eliminate educational inequitie

A record-setting twelve doctoral students at the UW College of Education are bolstering the research and program evaluation capacity of local organizations this academic year as the members of the fourth cohort of

Launching this month, the Leading Towards Justice Series — a next-gen iteration of the College of Education’s annual John E.

"Bureaucracies like school systems are designed not to be disrupted," says Meredith Honig, UW College of Education professor and director of the District Leadership Design Lab (DL2).

"Racism is still there," says associate professor and Brotherhood Initiative (BI) founding director Joe Lott when asked how they are weathering the pandemic.

It's no secret that being a public-school teacher is an incredibly challenging job.

"Physical activity is an integral part of education," says Julie McCleery, director of research-practice partnerships at the UW Center for Leadership in Athletics.