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While federal spending on K-12 education amounts to just 8% of what it costs to run the nation’s public schools, that funding is essential to supporting the nation’s most vulnerable students argues

Jisoo Hyun, a doctoral student in social and cultural foundations at the University of Washington College of Education, has received a Sp

The University of Washington is No. 7 in the world for education on the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects list for 2020.

When Professor Geneva Gay began her career as a high school social studies teacher more than four decades ago, the concept of

Years after immigrating to the U.S., a family crisis forced Ruth Ayodeji (BA ‘15), then a mother of two, to move into a shelter with her children.

As school budgets were slashed in the wake of the Great Recession little more than a decade ago, the federal government funneled billions of dollars toward school improvement as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.

Any other mentor might have advised Maria Oropeza Fujimoto against the choices she made in graduate school: She got married. She moved thousands of miles away from her college. She had a baby.

The University of Washington College of Education is launching an initiative, Learning Together 2020, that will support teachers, school leaders and distri

More than 700 new educators, researchers and leaders were honored during the University of Washington College of Education’s graduation ceremonies on June 9, with speakers highlighting the Class of 2020’s power to tip the scales to ensur