College of Education Community,

Many thanks to everyone -- students, staff, & faculty -- who responded to our polls about the 2020 College of Education graduation celebration.  Your input was very helpful to our decision-making process.    

It is very important to us to find ways of celebrating that are meaningful to our graduating students and their families & guests, and also balance public health guidance regarding COVID-19.  After much deliberation, we have decided on a two-part graduation celebration for our 2020 graduates.

Part I: Online Graduation Celebration on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 6:00 pm

We will hold a live and remote graduation celebration for our graduates in June of this year. The celebration will be similar to what is being planned for UW Commencement 2020. This celebration will include brief remarks from the dean and from student speakers, a collection of highlights photos or videos from this academic year, ways of interacting via popular social media platforms, and a reading of names. We recognize that this kind of a celebration is not what any of us would prefer, but it is important to symbolically mark our graduating students’ accomplishments and close out the academic year. Watch online.

Part II: Delayed Graduation Celebration in Autumn 2020

It is our intention to hold, if possible, a delayed in-person graduation celebration during Autumn quarter of 2020.  Our ability to hold an event of this nature will depend on two factors: first and foremost, the Governor lifting the ban on large public gatherings, and second, the availability of a venue that will accommodate our needs (number of guests, maintaining safe social distancing, staging and seating, etc.).  We are currently exploring different options that, hopefully, will suit our purposes.  

The date and time of this kind of celebration is difficult to anticipate right now.  We expect to know more about what is possible over the next 4-6 weeks, and we promise to keep you updated as we go along.

Graduates: What You Can Do Now

If you are a graduate, you can make plans now to get ready for these celebrations:

  1. Starting April 20: Apply for graduation if you haven’t already.  (Note: graduate students planning to complete degrees in Summer 2020 will have to wait until June 22nd to complete this step.)
  2. Starting April 22: Submit your name and other information for the College of Education graduation program.
  3. Starting Thursday, April 30: Visit the College of Education’s graduation website for more information about our June 2020 online celebration.  
  4. Starting Monday, May 4: Register for UW Commencement between May 4 and May 24 (Note: we ask all College of Education graduates to complete this step, as we will use the same online platform as UW Commencement.  Registering for UW Commencement also allows you to order your cap and gown.) 
  5. Starting Monday, May 4: Submit photo, quote, and name pronunciation to MarchingOrder between May 4 and May 24.  (Important: we ask all College of Education graduates to complete this step, as we will use the same online platform as UW Commencement.  The online platform will give you a chance to submit a photo and quote to share with your class.)

Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding.  We look forward to celebrating the class of 2020!

Best wishes,

Mia Tuan, Dean, College of Education

Marty Howell, Assistant Dean for Academic & Student Affairs, College of Education   







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