Student Organizations

There are many ways to enhance your experience as a student in the College of Education. By participating in a student organization, you will have opportunities to meet other students, work on academic and community issues, and learn more about the College and the University of Washington.

Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion (OSDI)

The Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion is staffed by graduate students within the college. The OSDI team is an essential support for the colleges BIPOC, international, and other historically excluded students. The team is a resource to others within the college. They host regular programming and also provide leadership opportunities to others through their Next Generation Mentor Program and Diversity Ambassadors Program.

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Associated Students of the College of Education (ASCE)

ACSE serves as the governing body of the College of Education at UW, which helps plan and organize social/educational events, and advocate for student voices and needs.

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Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

GPSS is the official student government for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington. GPSS is made up of five officers, two senators from each degree-granting department, many committees, and several staff members.

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Graduate Student Equity & Excellence (GSEE)

GSEE is committed to enhancing equity and social progression to promote the success of graduate students of color through strengthening graduate diversity, enhancing academic opportunities, and encouraging and supporting research exploring cultural diversity.

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With over 70 graduate student clubs & organizations, there are multiple places to find social, cultural, and academic community.

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