Research Inquiry Methods Regular Course Offerings

Below are regularly offered courses that focus primarily on research methodology at the College of Education. Courses are organized as quantitative, qualitative (including conceptual/philosophical), and mixed methods (including historical). Within each of these three areas, we have courses sorted by their difficulty level (Tier 1=introductory, 2=intermediate, 3=advanced/ more than one pre-requisite), and then within tiers, sorted by course number.

Note that these courses are open to UW students outside of the College (with permission of instructor) are not courses intended for self -contained programs (such as School Psychology, TEP, and L4L). Please refer to the listing below for a quick overview; for more detailed course descriptions refer to the Coursework Guides.

Quantitative Research Methods Coursework Guide

Qualitative Research Methods Coursework Guide

Note that these listings are simply meant to be informative for coursework planning; please check with your advisor to see which courses will best fit your particular degree and program area, and please check UW Time Schedule for new courses and seminars.