Research, Teaching & Staff Assistantships

The College of Education offers a number of teaching (TA), research (RA) and staff assistantships (SA) each year to graduate students.  These positions, if offered for at least 20 hours per week, provide monthly stipends, full tuition waivers, and health insurance for graduate students and their dependents. Learn more about assistantships on the Graduate School website.

About 75 graduate students are hired into these types of positions each year, primarily doctoral candidates with teaching, research, or administrative experience. In most cases students must apply to these positions; in order to be eligible to apply, students must be admitted to a graduate program and enrolled in at least 10 credits per quarter. Positions require 20 hours of work weekly.  International students are eligible for these positions if they meet these criteria. 

Please note: Reader/Grader positions are hourly positions that assist instructors with reviewing and grading assignments in larger courses. The current hourly rate for Reader/Grader positions is $26.60/hour. These positions do not include a tuition waiver or health insurance benefits.

College of Education job postings that include position descriptions, application requirements, and application deadlines are distributed through our email listserv as they become available. Positions that begin in Autumn quarter are generally posted in April. Students may also explore opportunities in other departments or online through the Graduate Funding Information Service or the University's Human Resources Division.