College of Education Listservs

College of Education students are automatically subscribed to a couple listservs, such as the Education listserv along with other degree- and program-specific mailing lists. We offer other mailing lists that students can subscribe to.


This listserv is designed to keep both graduate and undergraduate students informed of College and University events and meetings, employment and scholarship opportunities, useful services, and other important community information.

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Funding Opportunities

This designed to help current students and admitted prospective students locate opportunities for funding their graduate studies. The listserv posts several different kinds of funding opportunities that are open to College of Education students, including (a) RA/TA and other graduate staff positions, (b) scholarships, grants, and fellowships, and (c) certain part-time employment positions. Other information -- for example, announcements of FAFSA deadlines or reminders of campus web resources -- will also be distributed to the list periodically.

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Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI)

The OSDI listserv keeps you informed and connected to College and Community events and services catered to our BIPOC students, International students, and students from other historically excluded student groups.

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To unsubscribe from a UW listserv, you can find instructions in the Technology How-to Guides.