Our goal is to prepare students to be competent, ethical, and professional behavior analysts who work with persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

Students coming out of our program will:

  • Understand Applied Behavior Analysis in a technical, but not dogmatic, way and will use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to improve outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • Have a working knowledge of current evidence-based practice for individuals with developmental disabilities; know how to select appropriate evidence-based practices for an individual; and know how to evaluate the effect of an evidence-based practice for an individual.
  • Be prepared to work collaboratively with schools and other public agencies.
  • Understand that the primary outcome of their work is an improved quality of life for the individuals with whom they work.


Featured Stories

Mathematics worksheet
When researchers and individuals with disabilities partner in doing research, they can uncover critical knowledge about disabilities.
Early educator with student
Through critical reflective video analysis, Professor Maggie Beneke found pre-service teachers were able to increase opportunities for children to talk about race and ability.