The M.Ed. in Culturally Sustaining Education requires 48 credits:

  • 9 credits in Foundations of Education
  • 18 credits in Culturally Sustaining Education or related fields
  • 12 credits in Ethnic Diversity (outside the College of Education)
  • 9 credits in a Culminating Experience

All course choices are to be negotiated with your adviser, who has the discretion to recommend or require certain courses depending on your background.

You should carefully review the Program Requirements for details about all components of the M.Ed. course of study. You must also follow the Degree Requirements of the Graduate School; among these are that a course of study should include at least 18 credits at the 500 level or above as well as 18 graded credits.

Doctoral Program:

Ph.D. students work closely with their advisers to create highly tailored programs of study that include intermediate and advanced coursework in culturally sustaining education, educational justice, and related fields, as well as outside coursework to gain broader perspective and deeper insight into specialized topics. Ph.D. students have specific requirements and milestones that can be viewed here.

• Prospective students holding relevant master’s degrees should apply to the College of Education’s Ph.D. program.

Graduates of the doctoral program can be found in university faculty positions as well as in leadership roles across a wide range of educational settings.