The School Psychology EdS program requires the following application materials:

1. A written/typed personal goal statement that addresses:

  • reasons for seeking entry into this program;
  • chronological vita of your education, including degrees received;
  • postbaccalaureate experiences in teaching, counseling & assessment if any; 
  • your professional aspirations; and
  • your research interests.

2. Three recent letters of recommendation from professors or first-line supervisors, on their letterhead, which address:

  • your communication skills, both written and oral; 
  • your ability to interact productively with supervisors, peers and children; 
  • your ability to function without supervision;
  • your teaching, counseling and/or assessment skills; and 
  • other relevant aspects of your academic or professional development.
  • your research competence and experience.

3. Graduate Record Examination:

The School Psychology EdS Program does not apply a definitive cutoff for the GRE score; however, as part of the admissions criteria, the faculty recommend a score that is at or above the 50th percentile on both the Verbal and Quantitative Sections of the GRE.  This translates to a score of 151 or higher on the Verbal section and a score of 149 or higher on the Quantitative Section.

Applicants who do not meet these criterion are advised to submit a written justification to explain why their GRE scores are not fully reflective of their ability.

4. Grade-point average for latest 90 graded quarter credits (or 60 semester credits)

Minimum required for admission is 3.5. 
Emphasis is placed on psychology and educational psychology grades.

5. Preferential consideration is given to applicants with employment or volunteer experience in the schools, pre-K - 12.

6. A personal interview with one or more members of the core faculty in School Psychology is required, and will only be arranged for applicants who remain competitive following review of the above documentation. (A phone interview may be conducted in lieu of a face-to-face interview at the discretion of the faculty.)

7. A commitment to enroll and continue as a full-time student (12+ credits per quarter) is required as a condition of admission. Failure to do so during any quarter may place the student on academic probation.

8. Applications for admission will be considered only for Autumn Quarter admission. Applications must be received by the Graduate School by December 1st; faculty reviews will commence in January and will continue until all vacancies are filled.

The College of Education is committed to recognizing and fostering the values derived from a diverse student population. We are striving to promote increased diversity among practicing school psychologists. Toward this end we apply a variety of criteria when evaluating applicants including special talents, experiences, aptitudes, and abilities. We strongly encourage minority students to apply to this program.

Information for prospective minority applicants is included on the Minority Student Recruitment and Retention webpage.

The School Psychology Program has a 24% admissions acceptance rating.  During the past year, the AVERAGE education specialist student accepted at the UW had these qualifications: GRE range 300-313 and GPA = 3.5.  During the past few years graduates of the 100% of the School Psychology Program graduates found positions as school psychologists.