We are generally open Monday through Friday. The clinical service hours vary depending upon the service you receive.

Phone Intakes/Inquiries: Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call the clinic front desk at 206-543-4970.

Counseling Services: Wednesday evenings from 530 – 730 p.m. from October to June each academic year. Monday evenings from 430 – 630 p.m. is available from January to June each academic year. Tuesday evenings throughout the academic year is available on a very limited basis, and must be arranged with the counselor and supervisor.

Assessment Services: Tuesday and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. from January to June each academic year.


We are located at the University of Washington, Seattle Campus. We are housed in the Miller Hall Building. For a visual, please go to: http://www.washington.edu/maps/, an interactive map and type in “Miller Hall” in the search function.

The recommended parking lots nearest our building are the Central Parking Garage, or Padelford Parking Garage. Parking is $15/day, and is paid by the hour as you come in the gatehouse. After 5 p.m., parking is $5. You must proceed to the gatehouse for parking arrangements. Ask the parking attendant for directions and a map, and asked to be parked near Miller Hall.

If you are driving from I-5, take the 45th street exit. If you are coming from I-5 North, turn left, go over the freeway, and continue East up the hill to 17th Avenue. Turn right onto the UW campus. If you are coming from the South, turn right onto 45th street and continue East up the hill to 17th Avenue. Turn right onto the UW campus.

If you are assigned parking at the Padelford Parking Garage, then from the 45th street entrance, turn left after you leave the gatehouse. Follow the winding road down to a three-way stop and turn left to go down the hill. Take a right before the gatehouse, then another right and proceed to whichever level parking permit you have. Take the escalators and stairs up to the street level. Cross the street and go around the brick building in front of you to the right of it. Miller Hall is directly behind it. Go all the way around until you see Miller hall. Enter Mill Hall from any entrance and go to the fourth floor.

If you are assigned parking at the Central Parking Garage, then exit the garage (Kane Hall exit recommended) and you will end up in the “quad” area. Ask students or others around you where the “quad” is, and Miller Hall is one of the four buildings. We are the second building on the right.

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