Faculty Supervisors

Janine Jones, PhD, NCSP (PY00002482)

Dr. Jones is a Professor of School Psychology at the University of Washington and a Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Jones teaches courses and supervises graduate students in school psychological assessment, multicultural issues in school psychology, advanced personality assessment, and advanced clinical interventions. Her clinical orientation is Culturally Responsive Interpersonal Psychotherapy with adolescents (CR-IPTa). She is also an applied researcher with a primary focus on multicultural interventions. She studies effective practices for working with children and families and the impact cultural context has on the effectiveness of interventions.

James Mazza, PhD, NCSP (PY00002818)

Dr. Mazza is a Professor at the University of Washington, School Psychology Program, and a licensed psychologist. Dr. Mazza is a leading researcher in adolescent suicide and has strong research interests on adolescent mental health issues and the impact on academic performance. He is currently examining a school-based curriculum that utilizes the skills component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Kristen Missall, PhD, NCSP

Dr. Missall is the Director of the University of Washington, School Psychology Program and she oversees the program operations. She is a Professor of School Psychology at the University of Washington. She conducts research on child development from birth to age 8, and specializes in studying school readiness, early school adjustment, and academic and social-emotional assessment and intervention for children at a young age. Her recent work has focused on assessment and intervention in the areas of early literacy and early mathematics for preschool-aged children.

Alexa Matlack, PhD, NCSP

Dr. Matlack completes all intakes for families who request psychological and learning assessments from the School Psychology Clinic. Dr. Matlack teaches practicum courses in counseling and assessment and supervises student clinicians in the evaluation process.


Clinicians that provide services at the University of Washington, School Psychology Clinic are graduate students in the School Psychology program. They provide direct services under the supervision of a licensed psychologist/faculty member. All clinicians are required to complete an on-line HIPAA training course offered by the University of Washington, demonstrate proof of completion of this course to the Clinic Director, and carry student malpractice insurance, as covered by the University of Washington.