Interested in becoming an ECO major? 

ECO students are interested in working with youth, young adults and adult learners in a variety of community contexts.  The ECO major prepares students to fulfill a plethora of careers in education. Students interested in working with young children are encouraged to explore the Early Childhood and Family Studies program. The ECO Major admits students for Autumn and Winter quarter admission. Autumn quarter applications are accepted March 1 through April 15. Winter quarter applications are accepted September 1 through October 15. 

Submit an application to the ECO Major (opens online application)

Admissions Timeline for Autumn 2021:

Applications are accepted for Autumn 2021 admission between March 1, 2021 and April 15th, 2021. Applications can be submitted until 11:59PM on April 15th. Late applications are not accepted. 

Transfer student decisions from the College of Education ECO major are sent after UW Admissions communicates your acceptance to the University. Please note applying to the ECO Major as a transfer student requires admission to both the UW and the College of Education. These processes are separate from each other; with differing deadlines. See the UW Admissions website for transfer student deadlines. 

Admission criteria 

  • Completion of 45 credits at UW or prior transfer coursework already assessed by the UW Admissions office. Credits in progress are counted toward the required 45.
  • GPA minimum for UW coursework: 2.50 cumulative. For transfer students, GPA minimum for community college coursework: 2.50 cumulative.

  • Courses required for admission (Students may submit an application while enrolled in EDUC 280 and/or an English composition course. If all other criteria are met students will be conditionally admitted, pending final course grade.):

    •  EDUC 280- Introduction to Education, Communities and Organizations with a 2.0 minimum grade*. (COVID-19 Global Health Emergency accommodation: Applicants who completed EDUC 280 in Spring 2020  can be admitted with an "S" (Satisfactory) grade instead of a numerical one.

    • English Composition with a 2.5 minimum grade. (COVID-19 Global Health Emergency accommodation: Applicants who completed an English Composition course in Spring or Summer 2020 can be admitted with an "S" (Satisfactory) grade instead of a numerical one. Additionally, applicants with a numerically graded English Composition course completed in Spring or Summer 2020, can be admitted with a grade of 2.0 or higher. All other applicants must meet the 2.5 minimum)

  • Admission essay: Applicants will submit their responses to the following admission essay prompts. Each response must be 250 words or less. All materials submitted must be written and edited by the applicant, only.

    • Have you experienced, witnessed, or learned about injustices in your educational journey? Please describe. How will the ECO major help you understand these injustices? Required for all applicants.

    • The ECO major requires a year-long internship working with a community partner. How do you think this service-learning experience will enhance your educational experience? Required for all applicants.

    • The ECO major helps to empower students and graduates to make positive changes in educational and community settings. What are some of the positive changes you would like to work towards in these settings? Required for all applicants.

    • Low-scholarship exceptions: Applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA requirements listed in Admission Criteria will submit a short, written explanation for grades or GPA below the minimum. Applicants should also include any steps taken to sustain higher levels of academic performance. Applicants who do not meet these minimums are encouraged to still apply.  This question is only required for applicants who have not met the GPA minimum requirements. 

Materials required for completing the ECO Major application:

  • Current UW students (these requirements are for students who are already enrolled at UW Seattle):
    • Admission essays. Applicants should prepare their written essays in an electronic document so they can be copied and pasted into the online application.
  • Transfer students (these requirements are for students applying to the UW as a transfer student, only):
    • Admission essays (details listed above). Applicants should prepare their written essays in an electronic document so they can be copied and pasted into the online application.
    • Unofficial transcripts: The application portal will require that you upload unofficial transcripts from previous or current colleges and universities. Transcripts sent to the UW admissions office are not a substitute for uploading unofficial transcripts.

If you have questions about the application process or requirements, please attend an Undergraduate Majors and Minor Information Session. Information Sessions are held weekly, see the College of Education calendar for upcoming dates.

Transfer Students 

The College of Education welcomes and encourages transfer students to apply to the Major. Transfer students interested in the ECO Major can select the major on their UW Admissions application. The ECO Major requires EDUC 280 to be completed for a student to be fully-admitted to the major. However, the College of Education will offer provisional admission to transfer students allowing them to be directly admitted to ECO with the provision the student completes EDUC 280 in their first quarter at UW.  Transfer students offered admission directly to ECO will have a seat in EDUC 280 held for them.

After submitting your enrollment deposit to the university, admitted transfer students will attend the required Transfer Advising & Orientation hosted by UW First Year Programs. This is a chance for you to meet with an ECO adviser and create a plan to successfully complete the course and internship requirements. If you have questions about transfer student admission to the ECO Major, please visit our academic advising web page

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