Interested in becoming an ECO major? 

ECO students are interested in working with youth, young adults and adult learners in a variety of community contexts.  The ECO major prepares students to fulfill a plethora of careers in education.  Students interested in working with young children are encouraged to explore the Early Childhood and Family Studies program.

Applications are reviewed twice a year with deadlines on October 15 and April 15.  

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Admissions Requirements

•    Completion of 60 credits towards General Education requirements

•    Completion of one English composition course, minimum 2.50 grade

•    2.50 minimum overall GPA

•    Completion of EDUC 280- Introduction to Education, Communities and Organizations with a 2.0 minimum grade*                  

* Students may submit an application while enrolled in EDUC 280. If all other criteria are met students will be conditionally admitted, pending final course grade.

Students who do not meet the aforementioned minimum admissions criteria, but feel they would be a good fit for the ECO major, may submit a petition at the time of applying.  This petition does not guarantee admission.  To submit a petition, write a brief statement addressing why you think the admissions committee should consider you as an ECO major, despite lacking the minimum qualifications.  Your statement should address overall fit with the ECO major learning objectives, as well as your ability to meet the academic rigor of the program.  You will be prompted to upload your petition in the online admissions system.  Petitions are subject to the admissions deadlines.

Questions about admission?  We're here to help! 

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