Every Day You Educate

Teaching and learning can be found in every profession as well as in our daily lives as parents, coaches, mentors and citizens. Through education we gain knowledge, motivate people and come together to create change.

The University of Washington's Education, Communities and Organizations (ECO) degree believes teaching and learning happens not only within the formal classroom, but also across a host of other professions such as youth development, policy reform, business, health care and in a variety of organizations serving communities.

Curriculum in the the ECO major will explore human development, equity studies, learning across contexts, organizational change and community engagement.

If you're interested in learning more about the ECO major, contact us at ecoinfo@uw.edu or meet with the ECO Academic Advisor.

Featured Stories

College of Education classroom
U.S. News has ranked the UW College of Education No. 9 among the nation's best education schools.
Siena Traverso
Even as a preschooler, Siena Traverso recalls having a passion for education. After returning home, she would create a classroom with her stuffed animals and teach what she had learned that day.