Elementary school classroom

The essence of the UW Accelerated Certification for Teachers (U-ACT) program approach to teacher development is a focus on learning in the context of direct and daily practice. The program is designed to support candidates who are teachers of record in public schools in the Seattle region, and grounds teachers’ learning in the context of the school community as well as the realities of daily teaching practice.

Our ultimate goal in U-ACT is to ensure that you begin your teaching career with a strong foundation of what ambitious equitable teaching means and looks like. Ambitious teaching includes developing skilled ways of drawing out and responding to all students in a classroom setting so that they learn worthwhile content and view themselves as competent sensemakers. Ambitious teachers are committed to children, embrace content areas as important tools through which to understand the world, and seek opportunities to continually grow and build their knowledge of children and teaching.

Enrollment in this alternative route (WA State Alt Route 4) preparation program is limited to Teach for America corps members hired by local public school districts to work in a range of elementary and secondary teaching contexts.