Bachelor's degree conferred before the program starts.

Resume detailing work experience, academic experience, awards and scholarships

Goal Statement, 300-500 words (1-2 double spaced pages).  Successful UW MIT applicants demonstrate strong knowledge of subject matter content knowledge, a passion for teaching traditionally underserved populations, and an interest in issues of social justice. Draw upon your personal experiences and qualities to explain your interest in becoming a teacher.Explain your views on the role of education in society and your reasons for wanting to enter the teaching profession. Describe how your educational background and your educational experience working with youth have influenced your interest in teaching. Indicate how your talents, skills, and experiences might contribute to the UW MIT community (may include: diverse cultural experiences, family background, extracurricular activities, accomplishments, career goals, life and work experiences, obstacles you have overcome, special talents) and why the Secondary MIT is a good fit for your goals. Your statement will be read by the Admissions Committee that includes university faculty and staff and school administrators, and teachers with whom you may be placed for internships.

A minimum of 40 hours of documented experience (observation and participation) with the grade level/subject matter you wish to teach, in a high needs school, group instructional setting, within the last 5 years, in an ethnically and racially diverse community in the United States. (Classroom experience through EDUC 401, the Pipeline Program may be used.) Document your experience using the Description and Assurance of Classroom Observation form.

2 letters of recommendation - academic or professional references (must be from sources other than 40 hours).

WEST-B - State required basic skills assessment for all teacher candidates.  Applicants must take the reading, writing and math subtests of the WEST-B, SAT, ACT, Praxis I or CBEST.  Visit the WEST website for upcoming test dates and registration information.  It is the responsibility of the University of Washington College of Education to evaluate these assessment scores, along with all other applicable evidence, to determine if potential candidates have the requisite knowledge of basic skills in writing, reading and mathematics to be successful students and certified teachers.

ACT:  Contact Student Services Score Report  (319-337-1270) to order your score report in addition to requesting your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle.  The cost is $13 if you tested after 9/1/16, $38 if you tested before 91/1/16. Be sure to specify that your scores are sent to the UW. 
SAT: Call 866-756-7346 to have your scores sent to the University of Washington, Seattle, school code #4854. The cost is $12 for your score report plus $31 archive fee.

WEST-E or NES – State required content knowledge test. Visit the Pearson website for registration information, test dates and sample questions. Candidates in History and Social Studies are required to pass the WEST-E subject test; all other candidates must pass the NES appropriate to their endorsement.  The content assessment test is not required at the time of application but must be passed in order to proceed with full time student teaching.

ACTFL (for World Language Applicants only) - Advanced Low must be achieved on both the oral and written ACTFL exams in the target language.  The tests are not required at the time of application but must be passed before beginning the Master in Teaching program. Visit the ACTFL site for registration information.

3.0 grade point average from the most recent 90 graded quarter (60 semester) credits.

Unofficial transcripts  from all schools attended in the last 5 years, including where your degree was earned, should be uploaded to your online application.  Transcripts must list your degree conferral if your degree has been awarded.

A course on education of an ethnic group in the United States (minimum 2.0 grade required).   UW courses that meet this prerequisite are available on the MIT application checklist.  There are also options at local community colleges that to satisfy this requirement.  This prerequisite does not need to be completed by the application deadline but prior to the start of the program.

Approved Endorsement - The State of Washington requires all Secondary teacher candidates to have an approved endorsement in one of the academic subjects taught in Washington secondary schools. Transcripts are evaluated for endorsement content requirements by the academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. Visit the endorsement page for detailed information on content courses, evaluation proceedures and adviser contact information.  Early evaluation is recommended in case additional coursework is needed.  Endorsement courses do not need to be completed by the application deadline but prior to the start of the program.

Submit your MIT application using the online Graduate School Application. Any paper documents should be mailed to the Office of Student Services, 206 Miller Box 353600, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195-3600.

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