A hallmark of University of Washington (UW) teacher education, field-based learning provides significant work experience in school settings each quarter.

After two months of initial summer coursework, Residents spend the entire academic year in a Seattle Public Schools classroom teaching alongside an experienced mentor and applying theory to practice.  This combination helps Residents link classroom experience to the latest in education theory and research, all within the context of the local education environment and district-specific goals.  Residents receive their initial teaching certification after the 14 month residency and receive their master’s degree after the second year (while teaching in Seattle Public Schools).  Students in the program also commit to pursuing a 2nd endorsement in either ELL or Special Education in the second year of the program. 

Academic Coursework

Below is a sample course sequence, and includes the first five quarters of the program. All candidates in a given cohort take the same course sequence. This is meant as a sample and is subject to change from year to year.


EDTEP 501 Summer Field Experience (5 credits)
EDTEP 511 School & Society (3 credit)
EDTEP 521 Teaching & Learning in Numeracy I (4 credits)
EDTEP 531 Teaching & Learning in Literacy I (3 credits)
EDTEP 544 Differentiated Instruction: Learning Environments & CLD (3 credits)

Quarter One total = 18 credits


EDTEP 502 Autumn Field Experience (3 credits)
EDTEP 522 Teaching & Learning in Numeracy II (3 credits)
EDTEP 532 Teaching & Learning in Literacy II (3 credits)
EDTEP 544 Differentiated Instructions: CLD (3 credits)
EDTEP 564 Working in Schools (2 credits)
EDSPE 504 Special Education and the Law (3 credits)

Quarter Two total = 18 credits


EDTEP 503 Winter Field Experience (4 credits)
EDTEP 523 Teaching & Learning in Science (3 credits)
EDTEP 533 Teaching & Learning in Literacy III (3 credits)
EDTEP 552 Assessment in Elementary Education (2 credits)
EDTEP 564 Working in Schools (2 credits)
EDSPE 503 Classroom Management for Elementary Educators (3 credits)
EDC&I 494 Issues of Abuse (1 credit)

Quarter Three total = 18 credits


EDTEP 543 Teaching & Learning in Social Studies and Arts (4 credits)
EDTEP 552 Assessment in Elementary Education (1 credit)
EDTEP 601 Spring Field Experience (4 credits)
EDTEP 564 Working in Schools (1 credit)
EDC&I 324 Physical Education and Health in Schools (2 credits)
EDC&I 539 Students’ Mathematical Thinking, Curriculum, and Pedagogy (4 credits)

Quarter Four total = 16 credits

Summer II

ELL or SPED Endorsement Courses