Foundations of Native Education - EDPSY 581 - 3 credits

  • Summer Institute: Orient students for three days on the UW campus or onsite location to the Native Education Certificate, and making relationships with tribal communities. Students will participate in the Leading Change course.
  • Leading Change in Native American Education: Focus on being a community based-teacher with issues in leadership skills, opportunities and challenges unique to working in Native Education.
  • Cultivating Native Child and Adolescent Identity and Development: Gain the foundational understandings of the emerging knowledge about Native child and adolescent development from early childhood education through late adolescence.
  • Engaging Native Children, Families, and Communities in Land Based Pedagogies: Learn Indigenous pedagogies with comprehensive family and community engagement plans.

Understanding Tribal History and Sovereignty EDCI 505 - 1 credit

  • Knowing Native American History: Identify historic events and documentation of treaties, trauma, and trials unique in Indian Country.
  • Understanding Tribal Sovereignty: Learn tribal government best practices and explore the historical and contemporary policies affecting Native learners.

Perspectives of Disability and Culturally Responsive Classroom Management - EDSPE 520 - 3 credits

  • Considering Special Education and Native Learners: Identify critical aspects of special education law, rights, and placement; knowing the factors that are influencing disproportional representation of racial and ethnic groups in special education and considering the critical roles of family members and community in the education of students with disabilities.
  • Employing Culturally Responsive Classroom Management: Using a strength s based approach and drawing from the resiliency of students and families, this segment is grounded in honoring traditions and will focus on building healthy relationships.


Teaching Subject Matter So Native Students Thrive - EDPSY 581 - 3 credits

  • Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines: Increase science, math , and literacy achievement for Native students. This critical segment will focus on closing this gap by identifying best approaches towards specific content instruction with Indigenous students.
  • Delving Deeply: Cultivate culturally responsive instruction concentrating on effective approaches toward three instructional issues with Native students.

Experiential Culminating Project - Final - Native Education Certificate

  • Project of Choice: Students will develop and implement one culminating project, which builds student experience with tribal mentors and community engagement. Assignments are instrumental in establishment of the Indigenous Education Toolkit website.