Although there is flexibility within the program, TLC-IL students tend to work together as a cohort according to the following schedule:

  • Summer Orientation (evening session in July)
  • Intensive Summer Institute (2 weeks in July, 8:30 - 3:30 p.m.) -- usually taken in first year but can be taken in second year
    • EDC&I 525: Situating Teacher Leadership in Today's Schools (3 credits)
    • EDC&I 526: Building Authentic Professional Community (3 credits)
  • First academic year:
    • EDC&I 552: Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners (Fall, online, 3 credits)
    • EDLPS 579: Educational Policy, Teachers and Teaching (Winter, online, 3 credits)
    • EDPSY 512: Collecting, Interpreting and Using Data for School Improvement (Spring, online, 3 credits)
    • EDC&I 600: Independent Study (1 credit each quarter while attending monthly MIL seminars) 
    • EDC&I 506: Action Research (Winter, 3 credits, evening)
  • First and second academic years (including summers, as desired):
    • 9 graduate-level credits within your content-specific area (literacy, math, science, ELL, equity-driven education, multilcultural education, or Early Childhood Education)
    • 9 graduate-level credits within foundations of education
      • EDLPS 520: Education as a Moral Endeavor
      • EDC&I 503: Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
      • EDPSY 501: Human Learning and Educational Practice 
  • Second academic year:
    • EDC&I 600: Independent Study (2 credits each quarter while attending monthly MIL seminars and working on Capstone Inquiry Project)
    • Capstone Inquiry Project Presentation (May)

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