The TLC-IL masters degree is part of the broader Teaching, Learning & Curriculum area in the UW College of Education. 

There are four core strands of study in the TLC-IL masters degree. Listed below are the requirements for each core strand. 

Foundations of Education Content-Focused Instructional Leadership Equity-Driven Instructional Leadership Research Inquiry and Culminating Experience
EDLPS 520 Education as a Moral Endeavor (3 credits, fall)  9 credits
in your chosen subject area*
EDC&I 525
Teacher Learning and School Change
(3 credits – 1st or 2nd summer)
EDC&I 506
Action Research for Teacher Leaders
(3 credits – 1st year)
EDC&I 503 Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction (4 credits)   EDC&I 526
Inside Teacher Communities
(3 credits – 1st or 2nd summer)
EDC&I 600
Capstone Project and Reflective Seminars
(5 credits – 2nd year)
EDPSY 501 Human Learning and Educational Practice  (3 credits)   EDC&I 552
Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners
(3 credits online – autumn 1st year)
    EDLPS 579
Educational Policy, Teachers, and Teaching
(3 credits online – winter 1st year)
    EDC&I 553
Classroom Assessment Strategies: Data Use in Schools (spring 1st year) 
(3 credits online – spring 1st year)
    EDC&I 600
IL Cohort Seminars - 2-hour once-a-month evening seminars
(3 credits – 1st year)
10 credits 9 credits 18 credits 8 credits
Cohort-based coursework, first or second summer
Online coursework, one course per quarter during the first year
Cohort-based seminars

* Literacy, Science, Math, Social Studies, Equity Studies, Early Childhood Education, or Special Education


A typical course of study for an IL student (someone working full-time) might look like the following: 


YEAR ONE: (total credits = 27)

Summer - EDC&I 525 (3 credits), EDC&I 526 (3 credits)

Fall - EDC&I 552 (3 credits), EDLPS 520 (3 credits), IL monthly seminars (1 credit)

Winter - EDLPS 579 (3 credits), EDC&I 506 (3 credits), IL monthly seminars (1 credit)

Spring - EDC&I 553 (3 credits), EDC&I 501 (3 credits), IL monthly seminars (1 credit)

YEAR TWO (total credits = 18) 

Fall - Content Area Course (3 credits), IL monthly capstone seminars (2 credits)

Winter - EDC&I 503 (4 credits), Content Area Course (3 credits) 

Spring - Content Area Course (3 credits), IL monthly capstone seminars (3 credits)

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