Programs in the area of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Policy inform and promote the transformation of education both within and beyond P-12 schools and postsecondary institutions, with the ultimate goal of creating powerful and equitable learning for all. We bring multiple disciplines, analytical tools, and bodies of knowledge to our work, including history, political science, economics, organizational studies, philosophy, and sociology; as well as the wisdom of applied practice in the fields of community organization, public/nonprofit leadership, and education, policy design, implementation, and evaluation.

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Program Degree

Education Policy, Organizations and Leadership

Learn about and improve the research and practice of education policy, organizations and leadership. Students learn to use rigorous and innovative research methods and develop strategic partnerships with educational practitioners and policymakers at multiple systems levels to realize systemic and continuous improvement of equity and excellence in education.

M.Ed., Ph.D.

Social & Cultural Foundations

Address fundamental questions about the meaning, purpose and significance of education in society. Students explore education from the perspective of the humanities and liberal arts, as well as from the perspectives of different stakeholders in society, using tools of analysis based in history and philosophy.

M.Ed., Ph.D.

Danforth Educational Leadership Program

A cohort-based program that prepares future leaders for initial principal and program administrator certification.


Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership

A cohort-based program that prepares future leaders in administrative and coaching roles within collegiate athletic departments.


Leadership for Learning

A cohort-based program preparing educators for systems-level leadership positions in district and state educational agencies.


Leadership in Higher Education

A cohort-based program that prepares individuals for leadership roles at community colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations.

M.Ed., Ph.D.