Student Accommodations and Modifications in the Tier 1 Setting

This webinar will provide participants with a working understanding of accommodations versus modifications, as well as when to implement either and for whom. The setting of focus will be Tier 1, either in the General Education classroom or with specialists. Through the use of situational examples, problem-solving and discussion, you will learn how to incorporate accommodation and modification supports in your classroom. You will be better able to recognize when such supports are needed, have a toolbox of practical ideas to choose from and feel more comfortable implementing these new tools into your everyday practice.

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Online Self-Paced

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Course Objectives

  1. To understand the definitions of both accommodations and modifications in an academic setting.
  2. To leave with a toolbox of practical accommodation and modification supports that you can implement in your classroom.
  3. To gain a better understanding of how accommodation and modification support fit into a Tier 1 setting and to feel comfortable implementing them when needed.

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Lara Francisco