EDC&I 474 Multi-Ethnic Studies: Methods, Content, and Materials (3)

Designed to help preservice and in-service teachers identify content and materials and devise methods for implementing ethnic studies programs and for incorporating ethnic content into regular K-12 social studies, language arts, and humanities curricula. Special attention is given to teaching about American Indians, Mexican Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and White ethnic groups.

EDC&I 505 Multicultural Education Across Nations: Policy and Curriculum Issues (3)

This course is designed to acquaint graduate students and educational practitioners with the research, concepts, theories, and practices in multicultural education in nations around the world. An emphasis will be on how different nations educate students for citizenship and balance unity and diversity. The course is organized around key concepts and uses case studies from various nations in different parts of the world to exemplify and illustrate the concepts. Case studies are drawn from different nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Japan, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico.

EDC&I 569 Educating Ethnic Minority Youths (4)

Intensive analysis and review of the research and curricular programs related to the social, psychological, and political factors that influence the school experiences of ethnic minority youths. Special attention given to instructional and curricular programs for African-American, American-Indian, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican-American, and Asian-American students. Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of instructor.

EDC&I 574: Race, Gender, and Knowledge Construction: Curriculum Considerations (3)

Using historical and contemporary perspectives, considers ways in which knowledge related to race and gender has been and is constructed and the implications of ways in which knowledge is constructed for curriculum reform and teaching. Prerequisite: one course in ethnic studies, multicultural education, or women studies or permission or instructor.