Dr. Ishimaru’s scholarship focuses on the intersection of leadership, school-community relationships, and educational equity in P-12 systems.  Her work focuses on improving educational leadership - both formal and family/community - to create equitable educational environments, with a particular focus on students, families, and communities who have been historically marginalized in education.  Formal P-12 educational leadership plays a vital role in addressing persistent disparities in student learning, outcomes, and success, but the field continues to struggle with how to understand and engage in practices that will provide meaningful educational opportunities for non-dominant students.  Moreover, parent and community leadership holds promise for improving educational systems, but equitable collaboration across educational and parent leadership is rare.  Dr. Ishimaru engages in community-based research to build collaborative leadership capacity for improving educational systems and leveraging the expertise and priorities of the students, families, and communities who have been least well served in these systems.

Ishimaru is a Principal Investigator on three major research projects:

  • The Family Leadership Design Collaborative (with Dr. Megan Bang) is a national-level participatory design-based research project aimed at re-centering nondominant families in racial equity efforts through the synthesis and co-design of research, measures, and practice to transform educational systems.
  • The UW Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Research Project (EPSC, with Dr. Joe Lott) is a multi-year research effort to understand, measure, and support district and community-based efforts to authentically engage families and communities in improving student learning and success within a collective impact initiative in South Seattle/South King County.
  • The Cultivating Capacity for Racial Equity in Education Project (with Dr. Min Sun & Dr. Filiberto Barajas-Lopez) and Organizational Leadership for Equity Project (with Dr. Mollie Galloway) examine how school leadership teams and district equity initiatives engage with data and tools to catalyze organizational learning and equitable instructional and leadership practices.


EdD, Harvard Graduate School of Education
EdM, Education Policy Management, Harvard Graduate School of Education
MA, Curriculum and Teacher Education, Stanford University School of Education

Honors & Awards

Exemplary Contributions to Practice-Engaged Research Award, American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2017
Jack A. Culbertson (Early Career) Award, University Council of Educational Administration  2016

Social Justice Dissertation Award, American Educational Research Association (2013)   

Special Interest Group: Leadership for Social Justice

Outstanding Dissertation Award, American Educational Research Association (2013)
    Special Interest Group: Family-School-Community Partnerships
Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, American Educational Research (2011)
    Association Grassroots Community & Youth Organizing SIG

Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for Research Related to Education (2010)
Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fellowship (2010)
Ronald R. Edmonds-Charles M. Cheng Memorial Fund Fellowship (2009)
State Farm Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Award (2009)


Selected Publications

Ishimaru, A.M. & Takahashi, S. (2017). Disrupting racialized institutional scripts: Towards parent-teacher transformative agency for educational justice. Peabody Journal of Education, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0161956X.2017.1324660.

Garces, L. Ishimaru, A.M., & Takahashi, S. (2017). Beyond interest convergence: Envisioning transformation for racial equity in Education. (Introduction to special issue). Peabody Journal of Education.

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EDLPS 511 School-Community Relations

EDLPS 565 Race, Equity & Leading Educational Change

EDLPS 570 Critical Perspectives in Educational Leadership

EDLPS 547 & 548 (L4L only) Inquiry-based Leadership